proline bandages.

Ink Health only uses premium materials to manufacture the finest bandage available. Our flexible and transparent adhesive bandages include a 100% sterile surgical absorbent pad that works together to keep the tattoo clean and dry while keeping harmful bacteria out and will not stick to the tattoo as it is healing. Adapts well to body contours and is easy to apply and painless to remove. After the tattoo has healed enough to make infection unlikely, exposure to the air will speed up the healing process.




Ink Health uses only the finest medical grade self-adhesive materials that are gentle on skin. That means no sticking to skin, no clips or fastener, fast and easy to apply, breathable, latex-free, and non-allergenic. With our high tensile strength fabric there will be little or no slipping, so there is no need for frequent readjustments. Comfortable PROWrap provides excellent value and quality.


How to use Ink Health's Pro Wrap Tattoo Bandage Part I from Jason Dunn on Vimeo.

How To Use Ink Health's ProWrap Tattoo Bandages Part II from Jason Dunn on Vimeo.


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